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Packaging Design

Granny Fee Moonshine

Role: Designer // Packaging and Branding
JAN 2016 - MAY 2016

This moonshine was inspired by a real moonshining term used back when producing and selling moonshine was illegal. The term Granny Fee came from the unfortunate event of getting pulled over by the police for illegally transporting booze, and you would pay a 'Granny Fee' to the police to get away. For the moonshine aptly named after good old fashioned bribery, it needed to have both a simplistic yet conceptual design. The typeface was chosen for its resemblance to drops of alcohol dripping out of the pipes of a still. Each jar has a hand painted moon on the bottom of the bottle that is only visible when drinking, and each jar has custom painted copper elements to mirror the stills used for producing moonshine. 

Packaging Design
Packaging Design
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