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Shnitz - N - Giggles


As a Designer, there is nothing more fun or exciting than having complete free rein to create something that comes from the soul. That is exactly what the packaging and branding I created for the fictional company of Shnitz - N - Giggles is. The idea started as a funny conversation with a friend, and it grew to a full fledged concept of a hotdog company. The solution I created for this box packaging for hotdogs was to utilize a die-cut window to showcase the product, allowing the customer to know exactly what they are purchasing. The logo is hand lettered and vectorized to look like writing with ketchup, along with hand drawn hotdog patterning. Hidden subliminally throughout the packaging you'll find secret turkeys and cows correlating to the variety of hotdog chosen. The finishing touch is the piped acrylic detailing for the ~N~ on the packaging window to emulate the look of mustard.

Jan. 2016 - May 2016

Packaging & Branding
Role: Designer

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